Your workplace is not only the source of your earning but also a source of your financial security and a source of living a stable life. So, it is important to have a conscious inclination toward your commercial assets. In order to grow and succeed in the marketplace, you should implement some Vastu tips in your business place.  

As per the Guru dev Arvind Ji the best astrologer in Delhi, you must follow guidelines suggested by Vastu Shastra in your office as you follow them in your residence. The place where we work is not only a source of income for us but also a source of our financial security and stability. 

Before the Vastu Shastra came in picture people were not familiar with the science of architecture and controlling negative energies. Businesses used to suffer from losses and downfall which used to cause businessmen to worry about their financial stability and career growth. Not knowing the reason for their downfall even after applying every business strategy they used to fall into depression or other mental issues.

But now, you no need to worry about those uncontrollable causes of Vastu defects in your workplace. Here are some top commercial Vastu tips by the best astrologer in Delhi-Gurugram Guru dev Arvind Ji to implement in your commerce/office:

For the flow of positivity and prosperity always keep simple and regular furniture in the office. Avoid using sharp cutting-edge desks or chairs as they attract negativity and create Vastu defects.

Keep the kitchen or tea area in the south-east direction where the lord of fire resides. This will help you to avoid fire hazards and other unavoidable losses.

Keep the position of your officer in the east direction. This will help you in continuous business growth and long-lasting flourishment.

Decorate your office using vibrant colours to fill the environment with prosperity and positivity.

It is also advisable to keep a small temple in the northeast corner of your office.

Vastu for shops:

Do not use furniture with sharp or cutting edges in your shop as they invite negativity.

Never store clutter or keep a dustbin in the north-east as this area is considered a sacred place.

To bring prosperity and financial stability, place the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi in the north-east corner of your shop.

To start your day with positivity and burn out the negative energy always light a lamp in your shop after opening it.

Draw the “Swastik” symbol and writing words like “Ridhhi-Siddhi” and “Shubh-Laabh” near your prayer area considered auspicious.

Keep your shop’s doors open inside in order to maintain positive energy.

To get practical and in-person help with commercial Vastu for your shop’s or office, contact the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, Guru dev Arvind Ji. Book an appointment online or visit his office directly at our office.