Health is a very important part of human life, as we cannot live a happy and successful life without good health. There are various remedies mentioned in Vedic astrology to maintain good health, hence, health is closely related to astrology. 

A term called iatromathematics which describes medical astrology or health and fitness astrology. 

Iantromathematic is associated with our zodiac signs, planet, sun, and moon and co-relates with our body parts, ailment, and medical remedies.

Astrology has been kept talking about our health and fitness for ages. To know about health and fitness astrology you will able to maintain good health and stay fit for longer life. 

Whether you belong to an older generation or a new one, you should never negate the impact of Vedic astrology and recommended Ayurveda in it.

It is described in Vedic astrology that to live with a healthy and fit body one must have the knowledge of astrology and medicine, if you can’t get comprehensive knowledge in it, you can always reach out to an expert astrologer in your area Guru dev Arvind ji.

As per Hindu astrology, each of our body parts is related to an astrological sign. Even plants are also associated with one or another astronomical planet. This is the reason an old herb is used to remedied from a disease or a health disorder. Medical astrology is a fusion of our health, fitness, and well-being.

Staying fit and healthy is totally in your hand, and at the same time, astrology holds your hands to suggest better remedies for your good health and fit body. 

To get rid of your health and fitness issues, or to get personalized consultation on your health-related issues, you can book your appointment with one the best astrologers in north India Guru dev Arvind ji.