In this section, you will learn Vastu tips for increasing productivity and supply of the finished goods in the market to flourish your business beating all the competition.

 Being a business owner, your major goal is to maximize your productivity and supply the finished goods in the market. Here, we’ll show you how you can do that by implementing these easy Industrial Vastu tips. These tips also going to help you in overall sales and management with a smooth workflow without any labour issues.

The principle of Vastu is applicable universally to all buildings, machinery, and layout of your industrial asset. You should always keep Vastu guidelines in mind when designing the structure of your industrial asset and follow them religiously for your continuous growth. 

You should always implement Vastu in your production area, purchase area, and dispatch section. Vastu Shastra will also explain how to make the best from your manpower and machinery in a disciplinary way. On topmost, the structure of your industrial building requires more Vastu analysis. 

Vastu Shastra will help you to improve your overall business functions by using the full potential of your human and machinery resources. Such as marketing and research, production and logistic, leadership, and training require a balance to put their best in order to fulfil your business needs and Vastu Shastra will guide you through that balance. 

Vastu comes in the place to guide you through the impact of directions by balancing all the universal energies.

Here are some Vastu tips which are applicable universally to provide the best results in your industrial work:

You should always keep the shop floor inclining towards north, east, or northeast direction. Avoid doing the floor sloping in the south or west.

Keep the staircase in the southwest direction to avoid Vastu defects.

Locate the overhead water tank in the southwest corner of your industrial asset/plot.

If you are using underground water storage, keep it on the northeast side.

Use the northeast area to build staff quarters and outhouses.

To construct the basement, always use the East, north, or northeast corner.

Avoid storing garbage or scrap material on the northeast side of your industrial plot. Always keep northeast, north, and east corner of your building, or floor clean and free.

The East and northeast corners are considered good for the admin block and other official blocks in Vastu.

You can implement these easy and important Vastu tips to gain the best in your industrial business, for continuous growth and market stability. These tips are equally useful irrespective of any industry.

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