Marriage is considered an important occasion in an individual’s life. Sometimes, it can be felt that it is very soon to get merry, but for someone, it could be delayed due to some unfavorable union of a planetary transit. 

Marriage can be predicted by looking at the 7th house in one’s Kundli. 

The malefic influence of these factors indicates a lack or delay in marriage. Delay in marriage can also be because of a ruling influence of strong planets like Mars and Saturn.

Planetary consideration in the birth chart also tells us whether a couple will be able to take the pleasure of having children or not. It depends on the planetary union formed in the Kundali for predicting these factors.

For example, if Yoga or union in Kundli says Jupiter is in a strong position in the 5th house and the moon is ascendant, one can have the fortune of having children.

To analyze the planetary considerations in your Kundli for marriage Yoga or Santan yoga (children union), an astrologer is required. In the case of a malefic defect in Kundli, a Jyotish expert needed to recommend effective remedies. 

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