Curious to know why match-making is important?

Indian culture trusts long-lasting marriages and they believe couples are made in heaven to live 7 lives together. There are lots of factors in Vedic astrology that tell marriages are pre-decided and the decisions are made in heaven. 

Astrology not only predicts someone’s future but also, the present and past. To live in an everlasting relationship of marriage it is significant to analyze the birth chart (Kundli) of both who are tying a knot for their long-term relationship.

Matchmaking is very important to live a happy and successful marriage life. As per Astro-science, most of the qualities must be matched states in the birth chart to live a happy and steady conjugal life.

Here are the eight factors (Ashta Kutas) in Melapak Chart to predict the compatibility in couple for their marital relationship: –

Varna: Varna tells the basic attitude of a person and decides the calmness and aggression in his/her nature

Vashya: It is useful to predict the mutual understanding of each other and acceptance for each other to maintain healthy relationships.

Tara or Dina: This shows physical and mental health with long term well-being in order to live with each other.

Yoni: Yoni is a factor that represents romance for each other.

Graha Maitri: It shows the materialistic and spiritual level in a couple.

Gaana: This will tell the nature of each other whether it is calm or aggressive.

Bhakoot or Rashi: It represents whether a couple is emotionally attached to each other and will be compatible with a long-lasting relationship.

Naadi Kuta: It shows a physiological match for each other.

Ashta Kutas predicts 36 points (Guna) in couples and on the basis of these matching qualities (Guna matching) astrology decides whether they both are compatible with each other.

As per the Vedic astrology, at least 18 points must be scored in match-making to get married. 

Nadi Dosha

Nadi dosha or Nadi defects take place when both members of a couple belong to a similar nature like laziness, monotonousness, etc. 

In this situation, couples should not get married or get remedies for Nadi Dosha from a well-known Astro-expert like guru dev Arvind ji to live a successful married life.

Kuja Dosha Or Manglik

The bad impact of Mars or mangal dosha or Kuja dosha must be analyzed carefully when matching Kundlis of a couple. A person is called Manglik when Mars takes a position in his 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house from the Moon sign.

This defect of Mars or Kuja dosha creates major health issues, accidents in one’s life which could cause early death. So, it is advised to get remedies for Kuja dosha from an astrology expert to reduce its impact.

It is not advised to enter into a marital life if anyone has Kuja or mangal dosha. 

You should always visit an astrologer or pandit like guru dev Arvind ji the best Jyotishi in Delhi-Ncr for matchmaking before entering into a marriage. This will help you to live a happy, healthy, and successful married life.