Puja Name: Pitra Gayatri Anushthan

Puja Purpose: Blessing of Pitras (forefathers), Moksha to ancestors 

Duration of Puja: ——————————

Ideal days for worshipping: According to auspicious Muhurta as required

Pitra Gayatri Anushthan Activities: 

  1. Poorvang Karma (Ganesh Pujan, MatraPujan, Abhyudaya, Punyawachan, KalashSthapana, Rakshavidhan, Navgrah Puja)
    2. Pitra Snaan (divine bath) as per auspicious Muhurta
    3. Pitra Stotra path
    4. Pitra pooja mantra chanting as per the shastras
    5. Homam (Havan)
    6. Prayer of Isht and Kul Devta Place: Online, at your home, or any other holistic place like Haridwar

Assurance: Jyotish Chakshu assure you best Anushthan according to shastra, 

Special for You: Special and powerful gift. (Yatra, Jyoti, and Kavach)

Initial Steps to Schedule Your Puja Slot

  1.   After booking the puja slot you will get a confirmation email.
  2.     We will schedule puja timing as per the auspicious occasion (Subh-Muhurtha)
  3.     We will communicate with you before starting the Anushthaan
  4.     Video recording of Anushthaan

About Pitra Gayatri Anushthan:

Pitra as known as our forefathers or ancestors and in Hindu Vedic astrology Pitra Gayatri Anushthan is one the most important ritual. This Anushthan is performed for the consolation of the sole of our forefathers to rest them in peach and go to heaven to get moksha (freedom from life-death cycle). 

Pitru puja and Anushthan is also done to remove any Pitra Dosha and get blessings from departed ancestors.

In Hindu scriptures, Pitras are worshiped like God and always offered Bhog (divine food) in every small-big event and festival. Pitra Gayatri Anushthan is done to get remedies against bad deeds done by forefathers so that the impact of those deeds could not go on a living generation or any upcoming generation.

This Anushthan is for neutralizing the curse of ancestors and live a successful life.

This Anushthan should always be performed under the guidance of an experienced pandit in an auspicious period of time.

We are the ones who perform this Maha Anushthaan with proper rituals written in the Shastras in order to protect you from all the pains and bless you with a long and healthy life.

Jyotish Chakshu is helping people in doing pujas and Anushthaans with reliability and with its expert and experienced pandits at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Pitra Gayatri Anushthan:

  1. It helps to get a place in heaven for our ancestors and get Moksha.
  2. This Anushthan will help you to get blessings from your forefathers and live at which will remove every interruption or hindrance from your work and you will able to do everything successfully without a struggle.
  3. This will bless you with peace and harmony in the family and relationships.
  4. Your financial and physical problems will be removed.
  5. You will able to get success, name, fame, and prosperity in your desired field.
  6. Any danger or evil spirit will never surround you and you will always live with peace of mind