Shree Santaan Gopal Yantra

Product Name: Shree Santaan Gopal Yantra

Size: 6X6 inch, 

Quality Effects: 100% Authentic and Energize by us.

Usage/Application: You will get puja method and also consultation call from us. 

Brand: Jyotish Chakshu

Packaging Type: Single Piece, inside wooden square box

Guarantee: Best Quality Yantra With Assurance of Jyotish Chakshu


  • Consultation Call which is most important
  • Powerful Garah Sudhi Shakti Jyoti
  • Solution guide (Jyotish Chakshu Margdarshika)

How do you get Shree Santaan Gopal Yantra?

  1. Once payment (using any of credit, debit, UPI, or Payment Wallet) is done you will get a confirmation call from us within 2-3 hours or it could take 24 hours.
  2. After that we’ll send you a powerful Yantra by energizing it.
  3. Then we will send you tracking details to your E-mail address.

Why Do You Need Enerziged Shree Santaan Gopal yantra?

Shree Santan Gopal Yantra blesses couples with children and maintains love and affection in the family. For couples who are worried about their kids or not yet blessed with kids, this great yantra is a miraculous boon for them.

If it has taken too long for you to have a kid and your family is worried for its heir, you must worship Shree Santaan Gopal yantra.

Why Should You Purchase Only Purified and Energize Shree Santaan Gopal yantra?

Benefits from purified and activated Shree Santaan Gopal yantra

  1. This meaningful yantra blesses couples with a beautiful and intelligent child and increases the love for each other in the family.
  2. It strengthens the effect of a strong-ruling planet in your birth chart and removes the defect of the planet which is pushing you away from having an heir.
  3. By placing with proper guidance and utterance of powerful mantras it knots you with your family with loving and caring relationships.
  4. This Yantra prevents a mother from miscarriage and protects her and the child in the womb throughout the pregnancy, and ensures safe delivery.
  5. This Yantra helps expectant mothers with infertility problems.
  6. This powerful yantra harmonizes marriage and other relationships.
  7. It protects you and your children from bad energies and evil eyes.
  8. This Yantra blesses your children with good intellect and improves his brain power by guiding him/her in the right direction.