Shree Vivah Yog Yantra

 Product Name: Shree Vivah Yog Yantra

Size: 6X6 inch, 

Quality Effects: 100% Authentic and Energize by us.

Usage/Application: You will get puja method and also consultation call from us. 

Brand: Jyotish Chakshu

Packaging Type: Single Piece, inside wooden square box

Guarantee: Best Quality Yantra With Assurance of Jyotish Chakshu


  • Consultation Call which is most important
  • Powerful Garah Sudhi Shakti Jyoti
  • Solution guide (Jyotish Chakshu Margdarshika)

How do you get Shree Vivah Yoga Yantra?

  1. Once payment (using any of credit, debit, UPI, or Payment Wallet) is done you will get a confirmation call from us within 2-3 hours or it could take 24 hours.
  2. After that we’ll send you a powerful Yantra by energizing it.
  3. Then we will send you tracking details to your E-mail address.

Why Do You Need Enerziged Shree Vivah Yoga Yantra?

Shree Vivah Yoga Yantrara or Lagna Yantra helps you to find a suitable life partner by removing all the delays or hurdles in your marriage. Basically, this powerful yantra removes all the planetary defects from your Kundali and helps you in finding your perfect match. 

Shree Vivah Yoga Yantra controls all the planetary movements that are creating defects in your Lagna or Vivah Yoga and helps you in entering into marriage at the right time.

If you are searching for the right life partner and think that you often get rejected or can’t find a perfect match for you. Or it is getting delay in your marriage, you must worship this super natural Yantra.

Why Should You Purchase Only Purified and Energize Shree Vivah Yoga Yantra?

In order to find a perfect match for you, and get married at right time, you should always purchase this impactful Yantra from an expert astrologer or pandit. We have been bringing joy and peace to people’s lives by creating and providing Shree Vivah Yoga Yantra for more than 20 years.

There are fake people in the market who are taking benefits of people’s emotions and selling fake artificial yantra to make money fast. People are buying them from so-called pandits at a cheaper price and inviting harm and disturbance to life. 

Remember, buying these yantras directly from us the market and establishing them without purification and the right guidance can bring trouble to you and your family.

Benefits from purified and activated Shree Vivah Yoga or Lagna Yantra

  1. This meaningful yantra blesses couples with their perfect matches.
  2. It will remove all the delays and hurdles from your Kundali and help you to get married on time.
  3. It increases the chances of getting married to your desired person. If you think your love life is impossible to turn into a marriage life due to some family or other issues, you must worship Vivah Yoga or Lagna Yantra.
  4. It strengthens the effect of a strong-ruling planet in your birth chart and removes the defect of the planets which are creating Lagana-Dosha in your Kundali.
  5. This yantra will tie your knot with a most suitable person and help you both to live a happy married life.