Sum Mohan Yantra

Product Name: Sum Mohan Yantra

Size: 6X6 inch, 

Quality Effects: 100% Authentic and Energize by us.

Usage/Application: You will get puja method and also consultation call from us. 

Brand: Jyotish Chakshu

Packaging Type: Single Piece, inside wooden square box

Guarantee: Best Quality Yantra With Assurance of Jyotish Chakshu


  • Consultation Call which is most important
  • Powerful Garah Sudhi Shakti Jyoti
  • Solution guide (Jyotish Chakshu Margdarshika)

How do you get Sum Mohan Yantra?

  1. Once payment (using any of credit, debit, UPI, or Payment Wallet) is done you will get a confirmation call from us within 2-3 hours or it could take 24 hours.
  2. After that we’ll send you a powerful Yantra by energizing it.
  3. Then we will send you tracking details to your E-mail address.

Why Do You Need Energized Sum Mohan Yantra?

This yantra helps you to hypnotize any person or situation and get things done as per your own wish. Sum Mohan Yantra is so powerful that it can fulfill all of your wishes and can get anyone in your control. Summohan Vashikaran Yantra can be used for the hypnosis of all humans, animals, birds, gods, and goddesses.

Many people take advantage of this Yantra to fulfill their desires. It works with powerful mantra chanting and turns a person’s subconscious mind and he starts following the will of the person you want him to hypnotize with.

Why Should You Purchase Only Purified and Energize Sum Mohan Yantra?

Benefits from purified and activated Sum Mohan Yantra

  1. This Yantra is useful to get the partner of your choice.
  2. It helps you to crack every job and other business-related interviews to get your desired job, client, and customers.
  3. This powerful mantra can turn anything and anyone in your favor and get work done as per your will.
  4. This hypnosis Yantra if uses for good, can bring you good health, money, career, degree, and desired relationship with others.
  5. This yantra will help you to get a desired girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, and hypnotize them to act as per your wishes.