Here you will know about Vastu , it’s importance, and the impact of following Vastu in your life. Our aim here is to help you with the basic understanding of Vastu and show a basic and easy to follow Vastu tips.

By going through this complete guide, you will be able to apply Vastu in your industrial, commercial, and residential assets and take the best benefit of it in your life and career.

What is Vastu Shastra?

The Vastu word is driven from the Sanskrit language which means ‘dwelling’ and the word Shastra means, ‘principle.’ That means, the Vastu explains the right principles of living at home, creating a right working environment at the workplace or offices, and perfect decoration of a shop, office or a factory.
Wherever under the roof, you spend your time in living, working, or running a business; Vastu suggests you create a right and positive environment. It suggests great ways to create an ambiance so that you could stay with a healthy mind and body to be more active and productive. Vastu will guide you through a healthy, wealthy, and long-lasting personal and professional living atmosphere.

Basically, Vastu is formed to create positive energy and save you from negative energy in your living environment. We are surrounded by many forms of energy like solar energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, a cosmic energy, light energy, magnetic energy, wind energy, and so on.

By understanding Vastu Shastra here, you will understand how to create a good environment and protect yourself and your loved ones from the negative impact of these different energies. Vastu Shastra is created to understand the importance of directions which helps a human being and god to control the state of the atmosphere we live in.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

We are surrounded by various energies and these energies must be balanced to live a happy, peaceful, prosperous, and successful life. In today’s world of materialism, our life has become so fast with overloaded technology and we are getting stressed every now and then. To overcome this stress and live a peaceful life, our houses must be constructed with the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. 

That being said, Vastu Shastra unifies art, science, astronomy, and astrology which helps us to live a safe and secure life. If followed correctly with the help of an expert or astrologer or pandit, it prevents our property and lives from bad omen and coming dangers. Vastu Shastra will guide you to minimize the risks in your life and escape you worrying about negative energies and an evil eye.

Here are some basic principles of Vastu Shastra you can follow to escape from invisible forthcoming risks in your personal and professional life:

Residential Vastu

Here are some Vastu guidelines you can follow while planning to build your dream home:

You should construct the main door or entrance of the house in the east, north, or north-east facing direction. This will bring positive energy to your home.

You should keep the outflow of drainage pipes in the west, north, or northwest. Following this will escape you from financial difficulties. Keeping the outflow of drainage in any other direction can give a hit on prosperity.

You should keep your kitchen’s direction the southeast direction as southeast is considered the direction of Fire (Agnideva- the lord of fire).

You should keep the direction of the toilet-bathroom in the east direction farther from your kitchen. Because toilets and bathrooms are major sources of negative and damaging energy.

Always paint the majority of the walls in your house with a lighter tone. This will maintain relaxation, harmony, and peace in your house. Try to avoid dark shades or minimize them to create a tension-free environment in your house.

Industrial Vastu

These Vastu guidelines will help you to create a fruitful industrial property and grow your business and financial life:

Always keep the furniture of your office in simple and regular shape. It will help you to live with a positive mindset and cashflow.

To flourish with continuous growth, keep the direction of your office in the east.

The direction of the pantry or cafe kitchen should be in the south-east direction where the god of fire (Agnidev) resides.

It is always good for you to use vibrant colours in your office area to spread positivity and create a prosperous ambiance.

I would also suggest keeping a small temple in the north-east direction of your office. This will make a safe and prosperous atmosphere in your workplace.

Commercial Vastu

As per the Vastu Shastra, your place of commerce should be maintained with the following guidelines. This will help you with your wealth creation and maintain a good environment in your shop, clinic, store, and other commerce.

In Vastu Shastra, the north-east corner of your commerce is considered a sacred place. So, never keep a dustbin or scrap over there.

It is advisable not to keep furniture with cutting or sharp edges as they attract negativity.

It is always beneficial to place the idols of goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Ganesha in the north-east corner of your commerce. This will attract safety, money, positivity, and growth in your business.

You must light a lamp (Diya) and offer prayer at the timing of opening your shop to start your day with positivity and blessings. Lightening a lamp will also diminish negative energy from your surroundings.

Keeping the “Swastik” symbol and writing holistic words like “Ridhhi-Siddhi” and “Shubh-Laabh” near the worship area is considered auspicious.

Make sure that your office doors open inside not outside to maintain positive energy at your workplace.